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Hey you!

I'm Mimi, your side hustle coach and all the energy you need to start a side hustle that will get you freaking excited on Monday mornings. 

I was once nearly burned out after spending 6 years in the corporate world climbing the steps, completely addicted to the race. I realized all the additional money or responsibilities felt completely meaningless.

I discovered that I needed to take ownership of my own fulfilment and start something of my own to get my creative flow going again!

Starting my side hustle literally turned my whole life around for the absolute BEST!

I finally committed to GREATNESS in my life and I'm now dedicating my life and business to helping more corporate people create their own version of happiness!


Transform your entire side hustle exposure by going all-in with LinkedIn!

Make magic happen by taking action

Let's do this!

This is for you if:

  • You want to start using LinkedIn to grow your side hustle and personal brand but you’re not sure how to OR even where to start.
  • You want direction, affirmation and clarification on what you should do and can do.
  • You want a clear strategy of what to do to grow your presence on LinedIn.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are not committed in growing your personal brand and putting yourself out there. 
  • Don't want to put in the work. Consistency is key with personal branding.

"Every day I looked forward to learning more about myself and my direction and to receive amazing tips & shortcuts. I found the experience helped me define & fine tune my side hustle more so that I will be able to more forward and make it really happen. I’ve never participated in an “online class environment” before but I felt Mimi’s energy like she was speaking directly to me. "

Executive Assistant

"I love coach Mimi! She has the best way of bringing a clear analysis without any stressful energy coming into it. After just one happy hour with her, I'm feeling inspired, motivated, and certain about several very concrete things I can do to improve my situation– with my business, my personal life and finding the right balance between it all for the lifestyle I want. Thank you so much Mimi!"


"After just one hour of coaching with Mimi, I gained a clearer vision of my career for the next year. Mimi speaks to you with respect and listens to everything you say (and the things you DON'T say, which are equally as important). She guides you to resources, poses questions to ask yourself and brings you to self-realizations through empathy, kindness and respect. Mimi doesn't just make you feel better, but she recommends easy actions to bring you closer to your goals. If you're trying to figure out your next career move or just want to be happier at work, then sign up for a session with Mimi!"


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