The MBA for new coaches

12-Week program

Find your voice, shine authentically and build your online coaching business from the ground up


Is this you...?

Are you ready turn your passion into a business?

  • Do you desire to live life on your own terms?

  • Do you want complete freedom of your days and skip the commute?

  • After years in corporate, are you ready to exit?

  • Is there a part of you that lost track of your true identity outside of your 9-5?

  • Do you feel like you need to release from the "Good employee" mentality and step into a business mindset?

  • Are you ready to grow your own financial abundance by doing work that you LOVE

  • Do you find that you're always helping others become successful, and you're asking yourself "When is it my time?"

  • Are you scared that if you don't take action soon, you're going to be stuck in status quo, making the same money, and doing the exact same things you've always done for the rest of your life?

  • Do you feel frustrated and stuck, not knowing how you'll get out of this cycle as you know you're meant for more!?

You're here for a reason then...

THIS is the sign you've been waiting for...

I used to be right where you are now, but I cracked the code...

A couple years ago, I felt stuck, frustrated and quite frankly lost.
I thought something was wrong with me. I had the "perfect job" in my "dream company", but I felt empty inside, something was missing...


I was waking up everyday, not excited about the day ahead. 


I was not confident about my skills, even though I had the studies and experience in corporate as I knew I never excelled at my previous jobs, because I never really cared. 


I knew I wasn't happy and fulfilled, but honestly I had no clue of what I was meant to do next.


I was working in big corporations, selling products I didn't believed in, trying to climb the ladder and get "to the top".


I felt stuck there because it paid fairly well and I had now bills to pay. Basically a golden prison.
I was daydreaming of freedom, creativity and purpose.


I could see the routine and rat race I was stuck in, and I knew I needed an escape, ASAP.

Well I waited until THE breakdown that changed everything for me...

I was traveling for work and exploded in tears in an airplane... yep, that was rock bottom.
I knew I had to make changes to my life ASAP or else I would probably get sick with depression or burnout.


So I did...


I turned to entrepreneurship and personal branding to find myself again. I took a chance on me. I went all in for my dreams. 


I discovered the online coaching world. 


Coaching allowed me to make more money than I ever thought possible and easily replace my corporate income while having complete freedom in my day, and the ability to work from ANYWHERE.


Coaching allowed me to use my gifts and serve the world powerfully. It allowed me to help people feel empowered to take action.


I finally understood the true meaning of impact. 


I always knew I wanted to help the world, but I finally understood how to make it happen for me. 


I was always that person that helped everyone around me, giving advice and supporting others. 


This was what made me happy. Helping others achieve their goals just felt so amazing. 


And if you've always wanted to help others and live an abundant life, like never before, I'm about to show you how I achieved that...


Step into your power, your authentic self, and become the best version of yourself. 


I did the soul searching, I worked on my confidence and mindset and finally stepped into a new identity.
I came from a place of scarcity and total addiction to corporate praise and broke free to become independent.


I started to understand who the people I wanted to help were and started focusing my attention in talking to them. 


I learned how to go into calls with confidence and began to attract my dreams clients. 


I scaled my revenues while side hustling and after hitting $7,000 monthly revenue I jumped all-in.


I quit my corporate job and in my first month full-time in my business I generated $14,000 in income.


The feeling of freedom, happiness and fulfilment was INCREDIBLE. 


I realized that all my fears that had held me back were disappearing as I saw the power I could have working with my clients and changing their lives.


Do work you love. Get paid for it.

Be Happy on Mondays.


Since then, I've made it my life mission to empower you to turn your dream into reality, make money doing what you love and quitting your 9-5 to go full-time on your dream business! 


Now, I'm dedicated in giving you the step-by-step blueprint I used to scale my revenues to 10K+ months with a system to attract ideal clients on repeat.

Let's make your dream life a reality

I've included everything you need in this program to determine what type of coaching business you wish to start, all the steps to grow a profitable business right from the start, create a personal brand that is fully aligned with your authentic self and most of all change your mindset from employee to entrepreneur. 
I also added a bunch of incredible BONUS trainings and resources that will blow your mind.
I'm partnering with you to create the business of your dreams and I'm so dedicated in giving you ALL the resources that you need to start doing the work you are passionate about and start getting paid for it. 
When you take this course you will not need any other course to grow your coaching business. I've made sure to include all that you need to start selling high ticket coaching packages. We go in-dept on everything from standing in your power and building and automating the systems you need in the backend. 

You have the choice to take this program online anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home with tons of support and direct access to me at all times. 

Imagine the satisfaction you'll get when:

  • You work with incredible clients and you get to share your gifts with them

  • You show up online and put yourself out there in a confident and powerful way

  • You grow your income month by month by doing work that you LOVE

  • You build your own dream life with concrete, massive actions

If you've been dreaming of building your own independence, start public speaking, sharing your truth on stages and social media and change the world in a massive way, this is for you! If you are looking for impact, personal growth and a true mindset transformation, THIS is for you!

You'll get all of the tools and strategies I've used to grow my business from $2K to $5K months and then $10K weeks and most of all spend time doing what I truly love all day everyday.

You are here for a reason. You've been called to do something HUGE and change your reality. I'm beyond confident in this training as I know how these tools and strategies changed the whole game for me! 

I was able to leave my full-time job after 6 months of growing my coaching side hustle and I'm now dedicating my life and business to change your reality and empower you to take massive actions towards your dreams.

Let's go deeper into each module of the program: 

This is for you if:

  • You want to start a coaching business and personal brand but you’re not sure how to OR even where to start.
  • You want direction, affirmation and clarification on what you should do and can do.
  • You want a clear strategy of what to do to get started.
  • You're ready to step into the version of you that does have it all.
  • You no longer want to settle and are ready to take inspired action and manifest all you know is waiting for you.
  • You are READY to get into action as you are committed in putting the work to build your business.
  • You are ready to play HUGE and finally build your purpose-led business seriously!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are not really all-in with your dreams.
  • You'd rather do endless hours of researching & guesswork, going in circles and implementing things that just don't work.
  • You'd rather watch another six months go by with no change and then realize you’re still stuck in the same position a year later.
  • You'd prefer to settle and tell yourself it's all too hard, and choose to stay in victim mindset forever.
  • You are not committed in growing your personal brand and putting yourself out there. 
  • Don't want to put in the work. Consistency is key with building a business.

I'm Mimi, certified coach and founder of Happy on Mondays Inc.

I'm so thrilled that you made it here. And truly believe that everything happens for a reason. 

I believe in you. I know you have everything you need to build a life that will be truly fulfilling and abundant. 

I was once nearly burned out after spending 6 years in the corporate world climbing the steps, completely addicted to the race. I realized all the additional money or responsibilities felt completely meaningless.

I discovered that I needed to take ownership of my own fulfilment and start something of my own to get my creative flow going again!

Starting my coaching business literally turned my whole life around for the absolute BEST! This is why I'm so passionate about helping you do the same. 

I believe we are all able to create our own reality and I want to help you make yours pretty EPIC.

I have been a side hustler for 2 full years before going all-in with my business.


Let me tell you, I made ALL the mistakes you can possibly make in business. I went through all the ups and downs and this is why I'm creating this program to help you navigate through this journey and get straight to the fun work and the very good money. 

When I finally allowed myself to feel empowered to coach people it was the most rewarding moment! I finally found my true calling and couldn't understand why I haven't heard about this before. 

Before building my coaching business, I spent 1 full year building a meetup series to share my message, but I kept playing small and wasn't able to monetize effectively. I was obsessed about sharing my message, but didn't have an offer. I knew I wanted to grow my impact, but I couldn't figure out what would be the service I would provide. 

Then, people started asking me advice on my business and my career pivot (I transitioned from a sales role in a cosmetic company to a Head of People & Culture role in the tech space). This is when I started coaching people and helping them find their true calling. 

The more I was coaching corporate people, the more I felt like helping them create their own independence. I couldn't stand seeing them relying on a company to carve out their future. It just didn't make sense to me. 

So, this is when I started coaching specifically early stage entrepreneurs and my business exploded! I invested thousands of dollars in different business coaches to help me scale my business. I implemented the strategies and my sales started to pick up month over month. 

I went from making $2K months to $5K months and then $7K side hustling. 

When I hit that point I decided to jump ALL-IN and finally build my own dream! One week after going full-time entrepreneur, I made $10K in one single week. Since then, my revenues keep going up month over month.


It was a sign from the universe telling me to serve more and more people to create their own freedom as I was able to do for myself. 

I'm here on earth to help you build your own freedom, let's make this happen for you!

-Mimi XO


Q: Can I Take This Training Entirely Online? I Want To Do The Entire Training From The Comfort of My Home.

A: You are in luck! I've designed this program to be entirely online based. All our live sessions will be done via Zoom conference call. The recordings will be available for replay after each session so you can catch up at any moment. Once you get signed up, you'll get the onboarding package and the details about the timing of each live sessions.

Q: So I’m Signing Up…What Happens Next?

A: You will get automatically access to your onboarding kit with some of the bonus and you will have the complete schedule for the live trainings and Q&A sessions happening during our 12 weeks together. You’ll get an email with your log in (make sure to check your inbox and save us to SAFE so you receive all of our updates). You’ll also receive an invite to our private community with the other side hustlers part of this program, who you can gain support from, become accountability partners with, and make new friendships. You’ll get access to the schedule with group coaching calls with Mimi to help you help you go deeper, ask all of your questions and build your business. 

Q: What is included in the group coaching calls with Mimi? What kind of support do we get?

A: I am here to support you every step of the way, which is why I offer additional group coaching calls that you can attend each week.

There are 2 types of coaching calls I am hosting:

1. The live training sessions

These sessions will be held on evenings, once per week (schedule to come). This is where I will go through all of the learnings you need to take action week by week. You will leave those sessions with a clear action plan for the week, a complete workbook with exercises and theory as well as the complete recording of the session. 

2. The Q&A sessions

These sessions will be held on evenings, once per week (schedule to come). These sessions will be made for you to come and ask all of your questions. I will stay on these calls until all questions have been answered. 

Q: I’m Super Busy Right Now, What If I Don’t Have Time To Do The Course Right Now?

A: Busy? This program has been designed for super busy side hustlers. This is perfect for you if you’re trying to grow your business without stress. You can take the content on your own pace, the recordings will be available after each session- You could finish as quickly as 12 weeks, or take as long as you like if you are balancing other things in life. The templates and scripts are going to cut your time of trying to figure it all out on your own. Best of all, you get lifetime access to the content, plenty of online support available across every single time zone, you can watch and rewatch as many times as you need and you have lifetime access to the content.

Q: Is this only for Coaches and Influencers?

A: Great question. This training program is for any new side hustler that want to build a service based business by creating a system that will generate clients each month. I do like to work with people that are willing to put themselves out there and go all-in with the content game. 

Q: Do You Offer A Payment Plan?

A: Absolutely. I'm committed in bringing you the tools you need to be successful in an affordable way. Send me an email at mimi@happyonmondays.com and I'll provide the payment plan link.

Let's make your dream life happen!


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