Take daily action to take your life to the next level and own your true power!


Are you tired of being your own worst enemy!?

Do you feel like your biggest blocker to finally starting your own purpose-led business is YOURSELF?

Do you feel like you need more skills, more experience, more testimonials, more confidence to finally get started?

Are you tired of waiting for THE moment to come?

Do you want to have the courage and the confidence to finally do what you've been dreaming of doing!?



I've been there, trust me! I know what it feels like when you are preventing yourself from shining truly because of fear.

I want to help you crush those limiting beliefs and take daily action towards getting your confidence back!


Confidence is something you build. Just like a muscle. 

We'll deep dive into daily activities that you must do to get your confidence booster ON. 


With these tools in hand, you'll be able to push through all of the self-doubts preventing you from jumping into your true power.


You deserve to be confident in yourself, you are an incredible human being.



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This is for you if:

  • You have been holding yourself back from true success
  • You are struggling with self-doubts
  • You have a strong feeling inside of you telling you you are meant for GREATNESS.
  • You don't want to settle!
  • You want to experience what life truly has to offer.
  • You need a clear game plan, you want to take action and change your reality

This is NOT for you if:

  • You don't want to change your current situation
  • You don't want to do the work

Hosted By

Mimi Boyer

Side Hustle Coach

Get your confidence back ON!

You've been waiting for long enough to take action. This program is exactly what you need to have daily practices that will get you into your true power!


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