This class is key to prepare yourself to the side hustle world! It's your time to step into your true power.




The most powerful skills needed for side hustlers

Get access to a 60 min video coaching where I teach the fundamental skills to master to crush your business!

Why build a side hustle?

Building a side hustle has been absolutely crucial for my self-expression and personal development over the last 2 years. 


I believe that starting a side hustle not only brings you additional revenue to create more freedom into your life, but mostly allows you to spend time on what truly sets your soul on fire!


We are thought that our full-time job should be fulfilling and allow us to grow as we need, I call that *bullshit*! I believe the only way to get true fulfilment & complete happiness is by complementing our day job with our passion work (aka Side Hustle), where we have all the freedom to create what gets our spark on!


It's time that we take ownership for our own development and stop waiting for that promotion to get you the growth you crave! Let's create our own path, one that's freaking exciting!


I'm Mimi, your happiness & business coach and all the energy you need to start a side hustle that will get you freaking excited on Monday mornings. 

I was once nearly burned out after spending 6 years in the corporate world climbing the steps, completely addicted to the race. I realized all the additional money or responsibilities felt completely meaningless.

I discovered that I needed to take ownership of my own fulfilment and start something of my own to get my creative flow going again!

Starting my side hustle literally turned my whole life around for the absolute BEST!

I finally committed to GREATNESS in my life and I'm now dedicating my life and business to helping more corporate people create their own version of happiness!

Most of all, I believe we are all able to create our own reality and I want to help you make yours pretty EPIC.